1Dollar-Webhosting Review

Here is some information that is on their website: Welcome to 1Dollar-WebHosting.com Support Services. Our goal is to provide high quality web hosting solutions at low prices to all our customers.

Our technical support staff is available on-site 24 hours, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and provide you with constant monitoring of every site hosted with us.

My Experience With 1 Dollar Web Hosting

Support services are anything ut high quality. The only way I could find to communicate with then is to open a ticket.  I have waited as long as a half day and still not get what was needed from them.

I have had bills for domain names I did not own.
Domain issues that I never got an explanation on.
All 3 of my hosting accounts went down at the same time.

I have an issue right now where my SSL was cancelled without any notice and for no reason at all. They told me the plan I was on I could not get SSL. It’s funny but I had SSL up and running on the domain in question and another one still has it up and running. I took screen shots to prove this.

More on all of this later.

I may just transfer my hosting and domain names to Name Cheap. They will do the transfering for free. Will 1Dollar-Webhosting fix my problem?