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Rank Your Website With Targeted Market
Rank Your Website With Targeted Market

Rank Your Website and you get your business found by the masses of people searching the internet. When someone needs the service of someone like a dentist because of a toothache, gum disease, cleaning or some other dental service they often turn to the internet. 20 years ago people went to the phone book and the Yellow Pages to find a dentist. Today most people turn to the internet. There are many local internet directories that will list businesses in the area. Some of these directory services offer free listings in their directories. You may find your business but you will have to go in and claim it if you want to be able to update it. This is usually free. You will be able to update your business information and many other parts of your business. After you update your free listing you will probably get a phone call or email that will welcome you and then someone will try to sell you extra services.

Extra Services Offered – Pay Per Click – SEO

Some of the extra services offered you is more traffic to your website and SEO. They get you this extra traffic through their targeted advertising. Many times this is a “Pay Per Click” type of service. For a fee, lets say $50 a month you will get 25 clicks to your website from people searching for a dentist in the area.  The more targeted your dental business the more you pay per click. Getting people calling you from New York when your business is located in the area called the “Westbank of New Orleans”  is usually worthless. The person from New York wants a dentist from the New York area and not Marrero, LA on the Westbank.  Many times a targeted click to your dentist website may cost as much as $10. That’s $10 for a click and this does not guarantee that you will even get a phone call or a visit to your website. 

Newer services are coming up that are pay for performance or pay per action. An action can be a click to your website or a form being filled out and sent to your business to be answered. Some services actually offer a phone calling service.

This phone service may work like this. (Dentist Business)
1. Person does a search on the internet for a dentist in Marrero LA
2. Service is found and person calls the phone number listed.
3. Call Center Operator answers phone.
4. Operator verifies your information and what you are looking for.
5. You are then connected to the dentist that is paying for the call per action service.
6. Sometimes the above steps are automated and you are connected to the dentist in Marrero that is paying for this service. 

Many times this service is paid for but your dentist business sees little or no noticeable results. You may wonder if you are getting what you are paying for. Some of these services cost upward of $500 a month and next to nothing to show for it. All this service is being done on the internet and you do have your Marrero Dentist website on the internet. What exactly are you getting for your $500 a month? I’m guessing you are probably getting an enhanced listing in the directory service you are using. There are over 50 different different internet directories that have this same free service that you can update for free. Updating any of these directories will get you a sales call for more enhanced services.

I used a “Dentist” in this example but this same information applies to just about any business. You may have a pest control business, pet grooming service, heat and air condition business, you may be a real estate agent, have a photographer  service or some type of home business. Everything discussed above applies to all of these businesses. Doctors, lawyers and most other businesses need this one and most important resource to get more business.

What is this one service every business needs?

SEO – They need their website ranked high in the search engines for whatever their business is about. 

Again Lets Use Our “Dentist Business” Example

Here is what people search for when they look for your Dentist business:
Dentist in Marrero LA
Cosmetic Dentistry Marrero
Dental Implants West Bank LA
Pediatric Dentist
Restorative Dentistry
TMJ Treatment Marrero LA
Marrero Louisiana Dentist
dds marrero
orthodontist marrero

There are other terms people may use like:
Dentist in Westwego or Gretna LA
Cosmetic Dentistry Gretna, Westwego, Algiers La
Dental Implants gretna, marrero, westwego, new orleans, la

This list can go on and on but these probably cover 80% of the searches being done.  We offer 1 to 5 keyword phrase and keyword packages for your business

Need more business?
Need more customers?
Need more sales?
Need more leads?

At Elsenrath.com we get you found on the internet! 

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Marrero LA Dentist gets more business from Elsenrath.com service.
Marrero Louisiana Dentist Website Service

We cannot guarantee you 1st page placement in the search engines for your business. We can guarantee that we will rank your website to have better search engine placement then it does have at the present time. 

Your website traffic should go up and that usually results in more phone calls for your service. More phone calls translates into more business. Give us a chance to rank your website using the best white hat SEO service available. We personally write articles for you and about your service and then get that article in front of people in your area.