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Hammond Website And SEO Service
Hammond Website And SEO Service

Welcome to Hammond Website And SEO Service where we can build you a 3 page website for $50. Your site will have a Home, About and a Contact page. If you prefer something else, no problem, we can put whatever you want on your website.

Call Bill 225-413-8928 for a FREE site review.

The key to any web site is to get traffic to it. You want people to find your website when they do an internet search. If your site is not on the first page of the search engines then your site will probably go unnoticed. New website being built for Tangipahoa Parish will be in need of advertisers. Lock your price in. Right now I am working on the Hammond area and will be adding plenty of pictures.

Search Engine Ranking

Do you already have a website but it is not on the first page of the search engines? At Hammond Website And SEO Service our goal is to get your site to rank for its main key words. This is something that takes some time and money but it is usually well worth it. To get a website to start moving up in the ranking of search engines takes 2 to 6 months. A lot will depend on you when it comes to getting more traffic to your website.

Hammond Website And SEO Service – Social Sites

SEO Hammond Louisiana
SEO Service For Hammond LA

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others are important to your business. Many people already have a Facebook account up and running. A simple solution for these people is to create a business page and add it to their Facebook account. This is a free service that is offered to all people that are signed up for Facebook. Next thing is to open up a Twitter account with your business name and send out your 1st tweet. You can also add a post to your Facebook business page with your Twitter account link in it. You want to update your Facebook post at least one time a week. Do the same with your Twitter account and any other social site you may have set up.

Hammond Website And SEO Service

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is very important to get your website ranking high in the search engines. setting up social accounts is part of SEO that most people can do. The part of getting other people to put your link on their website is the next step in SEO. If you know any people that have a website you may want to ask them if they can add your website link to their site. Some people will be willing to do this while others may want a link back to their site in return. If you are unable to secure some good links to your websites home page then Hammond Website And SEO Service will be happy to do so.  We do this on a monthly fee basis that is very affordable.

Hammond Website And SEO Service Prices

A 3 page website will cost $50. Ongoing monthly SEO service for your website will cost $25 to $50 a month depending on what is done for your website. Our service covers getting links to your website from websites located in SE Louisiana. In many cases a 200 to 300 word article will need to be written about your business or the field your business is in. This is covered by your monthly charge. If you prefer to write your own article then we will use it and place a link init going back to your website.

All our SEO is done in house by real people. Some companies use an automated program to get links and comment post for your website. They may get you 100’s of unnatural links that will actually hurt your website rank. many of these companies that do this type of service are out of India or other Middle East country. Your website service is done right here in SE Louisiana and linked to other websites withing 100 miles of this area.

Let Hammond Website And SEO Service give your website a boost from other local websites in the area.



Article Marketing

Article Marketing For And About Your Business

Simple home business tools like article marketing are needed when starting a home based businesses. These tools will help you boost your business’ popularity. Home business tools can also pertain to quality articles that will make customers want to read more about the different services you are offering.

When writing quality articles about your business, make sure to put all necessary information but don’t forget to intrigue your customers. You want them to ask and try it for themselves. These articles must be fun to read, visuals might also help so take a picture that shows something relating to your business. Grammatical errors, punctuation errors and typographical errors shouldn’t appear in any way. Proofread your article before printing or publishing it.

After creating your article, share them with family and friends first. You’ll want someone who can comment on it without criticizing. It will help you correct errors immediately and improve its quality.

SEO Targeted Article Marketing
Article Marketing

These articles can be posted on sites like IM Faceplate where other people that have home businesses can see your article. IM Faceplate has been a very good place to post these articles because this is a free site. You can upgrade and get much more but for most people the free version works out just fine.

You will find article marketing will go a long way when it comes to promoting your business. There are many places to place these articles to get the most out of them. Most of the time you are able to add a link in the article going back to your business website. This will increase traffic to your website and people can learn more about you. This will also move your website up in the ranks of the search engines. This is probably the main reason people do article marketing.

SEO New Orleans LA

SEO New Orleans Website Service

As a new Search Engine Optimization Company – SEO New Orleans we only plan to take on a couple of customers to start with. Your company gets our full attention in the area of SEO for your business. Our goal is to see your rank go up in the search engine standings using white hat services.

Our price starts out at $50 a month for the 1st 6 months and tops off at $100 a month. It’s possible that your price may stay at $50 depending on your competition. Why is our price so low? It takes time to increase the rank of your website in the search engines. Our company does totally natural white hat SEO which takes time. We also help you get your Facebook page up and running along with a Twitter and Pinterest account. Just setting up these three accounts and adding your website link to them will move you up in the search engine rankings over time. As people join, like, repost and retweet your comments and pages with your website link in them your ranking will get better. Another word for this is called “social signals”. After you do this you may be happy with the results and not want to pay for the service.  Setting up any other social networking sites (Instagram, Linkedin, Google+) will also help.

Call Bill for your SEO New Orleans service – 225-413-8928 – $50 a month!

Why Is Our SEO New Orleans Service Priced Low?

It is alarming to find out that a lot of people are paying $200 a month or more for SEO service and getting nothing in return or getting their site black listed. Some companies build you a website and then offer a monthly fee to do SEO. Many companies build beautiful websites but know nothing about how to get people to see the site. You have companies and people that specialize in design and graphics and then there are companies that specialize in SEO (search engine optimization). It’s like getting a plumber to fix your air conditioner. If you are paying for SEO and not getting anything in return you might as well shell out another $50 a month to us. If you see results then drop the other company at a later time.

If you do not understand what Search Engine Optimization means then you need to read the big blue print on this page at SEO Land. This is what you need, plain and simple results that can bring you business beyond your wildest dreams!

New Orleans SEO Search Engine Optimization
New Orleans SEO Search Engine Optimization

How We Learned SEO At SEO New Orleans

Our experience comes from optimizing our own websites along with friends and family sites over the past five years. Going from knowing nothing at all about how to rank a website in the search engines to being able to get websites to the 1st and 2nd page of the major search engines. An example of this is with a company called Motor Club Of America where our website moves in between the 1st and 2nd page of major search engines. At one time the site Motor Club Of America ranked even higher then that. This was when we were more involved with the company on Facebook and other social networks.

At first we ranked our websites by luck and gradually learned what it took to get websites where they needed to be to bring in sales.  We were never paid for any of our services and did it just to help others and help ourselves. Over the years we have gotten good at what we do in the area of search engine optimization and feel we are in the top 10% of New Orleans SEO Experts.

Beautiful Websites And Ranking Your Website With SEO New Orleans

There are many companies that build beautiful websites. I love to see these great looking websites but you usually do not see them anywhere is the search results. Many times I find websites that are low in content and quality in spots that these nicer sites should be.

Are you one of these people with a great looking website that cannot be found in a Google, Yahoo or Bing search? The only people that find your site are the ones that get it off your business card and your email you send out. Maybe some people find your website because you are paying for it to run in the yellow pages of a phone book or a classified ad in a newspaper.

Why Pay For SEO That Does Not Work?

Stop paying for advertising that does not work! Get your website in front of the eyeballs that are looking for you on the internet. Maybe you are a dentist in Marrero or Gretna Louisiana and service the Greater New Orleans area, can people find you?

Our SEO service only takes on one dentist, one chiropractor, one lawyer, one new car dealer, one used car dealer, one pest control company and just one of anything in an area. We will not compete against our own service.

SEO New Orleans Website Service
SEO  New Orleans Will Optimize Your Website For Your City

Lock in your spot and its yours as long as you are actively using our services. If you are a dentist in Marrero Louisiana and use our service then you will be the only dentist that we will cater to.

Are you using a company to rank your website but not seeing any results? Where is your website when someone looks for pest control in New Orleans? Is it anywhere to be found in the search results? You say you are on the third page of Google and think that is good? Facts are that only about 10% to 15% of the people make it to the 2nd page when they are searching for a business on the internet. Third page,,, good luck!

Wanted: Unhappy SEO Customers!
Paying any where from $200 to $500 or more per month for website search engine optimization services and not seeing any results? Do you feel like dropping your old service that you are paying for and just keep your money?  Let us work with you. Our service will start you out at $50 a month until you see results. When your website starts moving up in the search engine results which usually takes 1 to 2 months we can revisit your monthly charge.

Steps To Increase Your Own SRO Ranking

Control your own ranking in the search engines by following some of the tips provided at Search Engine Journal . Follow the 7 steps in their guide and do as much as you can yourself. One BIG important factor is making your website mobile friendly. Mobile friendly means that your website looks good on cell phones and other mobile devices. This is just one of several things you can check and do to make your website search engine friendly.

Need SEO help? Call Us At 225-413-8928 – Bill – Mention  SEO

You must leave a message to get a call back. We need your name, phone number, business name, website and that you found us from the website elsenrath.com. Let us solve your New Orleans search engine optimization – SEO New Orleans is the company to call!